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Range of care options is available to seniors

  • The Straits Times (24 August 2018): Relook maid levy concessions

Range of care options is available to seniors
-The Straits Times, 3 September 2018

  1. We thank Mr Lim Soon Teck for his feedback (Relook maid levy concessions, 24 August 2018).
  2. Many seniors in Singapore wish to age in the comfort of their home and in familiar surroundings.
  3. The FDW population in Singapore has grown significantly by about 40 per cent over the last 10 years, to 240,000 in 2017.  This is not sustainable.
  4. To better support our seniors, the Government is strengthening home and community care options, including home medical and home nursing services, to cater to those who are frail and home bound. Between 2016 and 2020, MOH aims to increase day and home care service capacity by 40 per cent. There is also a range of schemes to support home based caregiving including the foreign domestic worker (FDW) levy concessions.
  5. Mr Lim had suggested that eligible households be allowed to hire two FDWs on concessionary levy to care for each frail elderly so as to ensure the well-being of FDWs who are caregivers. Families can already hire two FDWs if they deem it necessary. To be fair to all employers whose needs vary, each eligible care recipient may apply for one FDW to be on concessionary levy.
  6. To ensure that caregivers, including FDWs, have sufficient rest, families can access respite care services at eldercare centres and nursing homes for periods ranging from a few hours to a month. These services allow care to be provided when FDWs have their rest days or go on home leave.
  7. We will continue to review and improve the range of home based support measures to meet the needs of seniors and their caregivers.
    Members of the public with information on well-being issues of FDWs can write in to or call the Ministry of Manpower on (65) 6438 5122.

Relook maid levy concessions
- The Straits Times, 24 August 2018

  1. I am concerned about home-care support for bedridden elderly people. Currently, the Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) policies do not encourage families to hire more than one domestic worker to look after aged, bedridden people.
  2. Unless they are well-to-do, most people will employ only one foreign domestic worker (FDW) and subject her to long working hours with very few days off. This is because, currently, the FDW levy concession of $60 is eligible for only one worker per elderly person.
  3. I urge MOM and the Ministry of Health to collaborate and come up with a holistic solution to this issue.
  4. If MOH intends to push for even more home-care support, MOM should consider granting up to two FDWs to be eligible for levy concessions (MOH to grow aged care services to meet rising demand; Aug 15).
  5. Otherwise, most families will just end up hiring only one FDW and subjecting her to long working hours without time for proper rest and days off. This is rather inhumane.