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TNP headline gave wrong impression of Minister Teo's remarks

  1. The New Paper's headline (16 Sep), "We can't protect workers at the cost of progress" on Minister Josephine Teo's closing remarks at Milken Institute Asia Summit, was grossly  inaccurate. It gave the impression that the Government is taking a hands-off approach towards Singaporean workers affected by technological disruptions.

  2. This is not true. What Minister Teo said was that Singapore's strategies to prepare our businesses and people for jobs of the future have to evolve. Government is mindful that businesses cannot win with technology and innovation, at the expense of our workers, nor will it be possible for workers to be protected from technological disruptions in the economy.

  3. To help both workers and businesses adapt and transform, the Government has put in place a range of support measures.

  4. Minister Teo's remarks were to assure workers that the Government, businesses and workers must work together to achieve success in the future.

  5. The New Paper's headline ignores the Government's call for solidarity among businesses and workers to thrive in our future economy.