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MOM refunds excess levy for valid cases

  • Lianhe Zaobao (25 July 2017): Why can’t FDW levy deducted in excess be refunded

MOM refunds excess levy for valid cases

  1. We refer to the letter by Mr Zeng Qing Yuan (“Why can’t FDW levy deducted in excess be refunded”; 25 July 2017).
  2. Mr Zeng’s son, Mr Chan Wee Teck, had originally qualified for a concessionary levy rate for employing an FDW to care for his aged father. The concession ceased after Mr Chan moved out of his parents’ house. As Mr Chan also has a young son, he could have qualified for concessionary levy for an FDW under his new address.  However, Mr Chan had wrongly declared information in his application for his FDW that made MOM conclude that he was not eligible for the levy concession
  3. Upon receiving Mr Chan’s request for a refund of excess levy paid, MOM had informed Mr Chan that it would be looked into. We have contacted Mr Chan to clarify the facts. Mr Chan has since updated the information in our record and we have refunded the excess levy payment to him on 27 July 2017.

Why can't FDW levy deducted in excess be refunded

- Lianhe Zaobao (25 July 2017)

  1. 儿子为我们请了一个女佣。我们属于建国一代,请女佣已经十多年,也换了好几个。
  2. 自2016年初,儿子、媳妇和六岁的孙子开始租房子住,地址也因此换了,女佣的雇主是儿子,过后有关女佣的信件都寄到儿子的新地址。
  3. 但在我们不知情的情况下,女佣税继续从我们的户头扣除,从2016年9月19日至2017年3月17日,每个月扣除265元。原本只是每个月60元的女佣税,七个月共被扣了1435元。
  4. 根据现有的法律,家里有小孩的家庭,若聘请女佣,也只需付60元的女佣税。
  5. 人力部在没有查清楚之前,每个月扣除了我们265元的女佣税是不合理的。我们曾就这件事向人力部查问,得到的答案是“多扣的女佣税不能退回”。
  6. 我要问人力部,什么原因这笔钱不能退回?希望能给我们一个满意的答复。