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Part-time workers can also receive assistance

  • Lianhe Zaobao (08 July 2015): Part-time workers can also receive assistance
  • Lianhe Zaobao (26 June 2015): Protection for part-time workers

Part-time workers can also receive assistance
- Lianhe Zaobao, 08 July 2015

  1. We refer to the letter (“Protection for part-time workers”, 26 June) which raised various issues including asking about the assistance available for part-time employees whose employers did not contribute CPF for them or had unfairly dismissed them. 
  2. Under the CPF Act, all employees, including part-time and casual workers, earning more than $50 a month are entitled to CPF contributions from their employers. Such CPF contributions will help employees build up their retirement savings. The CPF Board will take action to recover arrears and late payment interest from companies who do not comply with their CPF obligations. We may also prosecute employers who do not comply.
  3. Separately, under the Employment Act, an employee who has been unfairly dismissed can appeal to the Minister for Manpower against the dismissal within one month of the dismissal.
  4. We have since contacted the writer and are addressing her concerns. 
  5. Employees and members of the public can use the whistle-blowing channel under the WorkRight initiative to report non-compliance with employment laws. Such cases could be lodged via or 1800 221 9922. All information will be kept strictly confidential. 

Protection for part-time workers
- Lianhe Zaobao, 26 June 2015

After my children have grown up, I heeded the call from the Government to start working again part-time. Besides helping to pass time, it also allows me to contribute to society.

Over the past half a year, I worked in three part-time jobs, of which twice I quarrelled with the employer over CPF matters.

I do not understand why employers like to ‘eat up’ our CPF, and when discovered, would complain it’s not a big sum of money, I’ll just return it to you.

Just because I asked for the unpaid CPF contributions, the relationship will turn sour. The employer knows he’s in the wrong, but is not apologetic at all.

My recent job as a part-time cleaner ended after one month. The reason given was that the company does not need too many part-timers. However, I saw their job notice to hire more people! I emailed them to ask for the real reason why they sacked me, but they did not reply. Later I found out that the company was using our NRIC to hire more foreign workers. I was astounded and felt unprotected in my job.

I would like to ask, for matters such as unpaid CPF contributions and unreasonable termination of services, which department can I approach?