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Wage data available on MOM website

  • The Straits Times (22 August 2013) : Wage data available on MOM website
  • The Straits Times (19 August 2013) : Still waiting for wage report

Wage data available on MOM website
- The Straits Times, 22 August 2013

  1. Mr Seah Ru Hong (“Still waiting for wage report”, 19 Aug) expressed concerns that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has discontinued the annual “Report on Wages”. This report comprised data on annual wage changes and wage flexibility, as well as occupational wage data.
  2. We are pleased to inform Mr Seah that the data which he seeks is available on our website ( Other than the benefit of more timely publication of data, Mr Seah will also be able to find a new occupational wage search tool to facilitate salary benchmarking. The wage search tool is part of a suite of online benchmarking tools to enable employers and employees to compare their organisation’s performance against national and industry norms for wages, employment conditions and staff turnover.
  3. If Mr Seah has any other queries on the statistics, he can write to

Still waiting for wage report
- The Straits Times, 19 August 2013

MR TAN Boon Khai highlighted the omission of certain data in the 2013 Yearbook Of Statistics ("Bring back data on income levels"; last Wednesday).

Another key publication on income, the Report On Wages 2012, has not been released by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The 2011 report was released in June last year. More than a year later, the 2012 edition has still not been published. It is not even listed on the MOM's online schedule of future releases. Has the ministry discontinued its publication?

Although income data is available in the Singapore Yearbook Of Manpower Statistics 2013, it is not as comprehensive as that in the Report On Wages.

For example, the 25th and 75th percentile figures, as well as the income breakdown by age group, are not available in the yearbook.