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MOM investigating, reminds employers of duty

  • Lianhe Wanbao (03 September 2013) : MOM investigating, reminds employers of duty
  • Lianhe Wanbao (27 August 2013) : Killer board falls from the sky

MOM investigating, reminds employers of duty
- Lianhe Wanbao, 03 September 2013

  1. We thank Mr Long Zi An for his letter (“Killer board falls from sky”, WB Forum, 27 August 2013).
  2. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) takes a serious view of unsafe workplace practices, and is currently investigating the case Mr Long mentioned. We will take action against the responsible party if we uncover any contraventions under the Workplace Safety and Health Act.
  3. MOM reminds all employers of their duty to take reasonably practicable measures to ensure the safety and health of their employees at work, as well as the safety and health of other persons who may be affected by the work.
  4. Members of the public can call the MOM Safety Hotline at 6317 1111 or email to report poor workplace safety and health practices. All information shared will be kept strictly confidential.

Killer board falls from the sky
- Lianhe Wanbao, 27 August 2013

On the 23rd of this month, 5:13 pm, I was at the skateboard park near Somerset MRT Station watching the works being done on a hotel near 313 Somerset when a board about six to seven metres long and 50-60 centimetres wide suddenly fell from a height of about 17 to 18 storeys. I was surprised at the lack of safety precautions taken by this worksite and was about to snap a photo to complain to the relevant authorities when I realised that an Indian worker on the ground floor was struck by the board. Both his legs were injured and he was in such pain that he couldn’t get up. Two of his colleagues had to support him to flag down a cab to the hospital.

Probably because they were afraid of having photos taken by the general public, the workers on the site quickly shut the metal gates.

At the moment, this hotel has already been built to the 28th floor, and there’s still some time before the work is complete. The work space on the ground floor is narrow and many workers and members of the public walk past the area. If safety measures are not taken, accidents can easily happen.