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CPF savings not suitable to be used for donations

  • Shin Min Daily News (11 November 2012) : CPF savings not suitable to be used for donations
  • Shin Min Daily News (09 October 2012) : Use CPF savings for donation

CPF savings not suitable to be used for donations
- Shin Min Daily News, 11 November 2012

1.   We refer to Ms Cai Long Mei's letter dated 09 Oct 2012, on allowing members to make donations from their CPF savings.

2.   Members of the public may already make regular monthly donations to a host of charitable organisations, including the various welfare hospitals cited by the writer. In fact, many of these organisations accept donations made through a monthly GIRO deduction from the salaries or bank accounts of individuals, to make contributing convenient and accessible to all.

3.   While the idea of making monthly donations to a charitable cause is a well-intentioned one, these donations should not come from one's CPF savings, as CPF savings primarily cater for members' retirement, housing and healthcare needs.

4.   We thank Ms Cai Long Mei for the suggestion.

Use CPF savings for donation
- Shin Min Daily News, 09 October 2012

As the cost of living continues to rise, there will always be people who require assistance. This was why charitable organisations have been doing their best to come up with new ideas to attract more donations; the community chest was no exception.

Charitable Chinese hospitals faced challenges in obtaining sufficient funds to support its daily operations. Singapore Thong Chai Medical, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and Chung Hwa Medical Institution have tried to get by through their own sources but ultimately, they hope that the public would be able to support through donations.

It is heartening to know that we have charitable citizens who donate to support these charity organisations. There are also many young and enthusiastic ones who participate in charity events and support fund-raising activities. Especially for Thong Chai – because its services are free, it would find it difficult to sustain its considerable operating expenses if not for the continuous donations of kind-hearted individuals. Charitable hospitals would have much-needed security if there is a fixed donation each month to them.

I feel that it would be good if CPFB could help Chinese hospitals by allowing the public to donate $1 from their CPF on a monthly basis. This may be a small amount but when accumulated, it would be a sizeable amount that could be disbursed to our Chinese hospitals. This would not only help these hospitals tide over financial operational difficulties, it also provides a means of convenience for Singaporeans to do a good deed every month. A $1 donation from CPF account each month will help one to become a more charitable person. Happiness comes in helping others and I believe everyone will happily benefit from this.