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Hospitalisation Leave Covers Those Under Quarantine

  • The Straits Times (11 June 2009) : Hospitalisation Leave Covers Those Under Quarantine
  • The Straits Times (30 May 2009) : Work Out Special Leave For Those Quarantined


Hospitalisation Leave Covers Those Under Quarantine
- The Straits Times , 11 June 2009

We thank Mr Chua for his letter.

2.   As Home Quarantine Orders (HQOs) are served on persons for medical reasons, the period of absence from work necessitated by HQOs should be treated as paid hospitalisation leave, as part of the employee's hospitalisation leave eligibility under their employment contracts, collective agreements or under the Employment Act. This position has the support of the tripartite partners and was implemented during SARS.

3.   For employees who have used up their hospitalisation leave, employers are urged to exercise compassion and flexibility by granting additional paid hospitalisation leave, as the employees concerned may face financial hardship during this time.

4.   Employers and affected employees who need more information on paid hospitalization leave can call the MOM Contact Centre at 6438 5122. Any employment dispute on leave of absence arising from HQOs can be referred to the Ministry's Labour Relations and Workplaces Division at 6317 1145 for advice and assistance.


Work Out Special Leave For Those Quarantined
- The Straits Times , 30 May 2009

Those unfortunate people who face quarantine orders with suspected Influenza A (H1N1) must take annual leave as 'quarantine leave' although this is not stated under their employment service terms and conditions.

Typically, companies' leave entitlement cover annual, national service, compassionate, sick, hospitalisation, maternity and childcare leave.

It is unfair that employees should have to use up their own leave to serve a quarantine order. No one wants to be quarantined, but we have to because it is the law.

The ministries of Manpower and Health should work out a special leave (quarantine leave?) for those who must serve a quarantine order for medical reasons.

Quarantine leave would encourage more people to come forward to seek medical quarantine.

Employers may fear that employees will take advantage of the quarantine benefit. Their mindset must be cleared, because no one wants to be quarantined.