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MOM Website Only Lists Some Institutions As Examples

Ministry of Manpower (06 November 2007): MOM Website Only Lists Some Institutions As Examples


Lianhe Zaobao (29 October 2007): MIT Not Recognised


MOM Website Only Lists Some Institutions As Examples 
- Lianhe Zaobao, 06 November 2007

Please refer to "MIT not recognised?" (ZB, 29 Oct 2007) by Mr Bo Lijun.

The writer is referring to the sample list of recognised universities used to explain the Employment Pass system on the Ministry's website. The website clearly states that the list is not exhaustive. It is meant to signal the wide range of universities that are recognised, to help interested persons in their application decision. Hence, not all top universities are included in the sample list. MOM will recognise qualifications for Employment Pass applications from institutions that are of comparable and equivalent standards to those in the sample list.


MIT Not Recognised
- Lianhe Zaobao, 29 October 2007

A friend who is a human resource practitioner recently showed me a list of MOM recognised foreign universities. I was taken aback after seeing the list. Only 49 American universities are listed and the renowned MIT is not on it. However, there are 67 Filipino universities on the list. Does this mean that the academic standard of Filipino universities is higher than American universities? If MIT is not on the list, which other foreign universities in the world can make the grade? What are MOM's selection criteria?

I am equally puzzled when I look at the Chinese tertiary institutions on the list. I am familiar with universities in China, having worked in a research agency for a long time. In Beijing alone, there are no less than 60 tertiary institutions but only 5 are on the list. The inclusion of Peking University and Tsing Hua University is only to be expected but the other universities are very ordinary. There are many well-known institutions which are left out. What is ironical is that while the Beijing Normal University is excluded, two less established universities such as Henan Normal University and Xinyang Normal University are included.

What is interesting is that that MOM only recognises the physics department and not other departments from the University of Pune in India. Why is this so?

It is understandable that it would be difficult for MOM to come up with a full list. But the existing list invites questions and may not be of value to companies. HR heads in companies may not know easily whether work pass applications for foreigners who did not graduate from universities listed would be approved. Hence they may not hire job applicants who are not from the universities listed.

The list is of reference value for Singapore companies but I can't seem to see its usefulness now. MOM might want to review the list and provide companies with a more useful and comprehensive list.