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An Offence if Employer 'Eats' Salary of Employee

Ministry of Manpower (11 July 2007): An Offence if Employer 'Eats' Salary of Employee


LianHe Zaobao (4 July 2007): Bad Employer Hurt Youths' Hearts


An Offence if Employer 'Eats' Salary of Employee
- LianHe Zaobao, 11 July 2007

1.   Please refer to the letter "Bad Employer Hurt Youths' Hearts" (Lianhe Zaobao, 4 July 2007).

2.   It is an offence under the Employment Act for an employer not to pay salary earned by an employee for work done. The Ministry will take action, including prosecution, where appropriate, against an employer who violates the law. If found guilty, the employer can be fined up to $1,000 or imprisoned for up to 6 months or both, for each offence.

3.   MOM is trying to get in touch with Mr Li for details of the case for investigation. Mr Li can also email MOM at regarding the case.


Bad Employer Hurt Youths' Hearts
- LianHe Zaobao, 4 July 2007

My daughter, through a classmate's recommendation, worked in a Japanese cake shop near Buona Vista after her 'A' levels examinations. Although she worked alternate days at the shop, it was very tiring as she worked 12 hours a day in an environment with temperatures of around 40 degrees. What is inconceivable is that the employer has on many occasions owed its employees their wages. Although my daughter has worked there for four months, she has only received one month of wages. Her male classmate, who also worked there, has been owed three to four months of wages.

When the youths tried to raise the matter with the employer, the employer's reply was that they can lodge a complaint with whoever they deem fit. 

It is lamentable that such a matter can happen in Singapore, a country that is governed by law. Surely for these youths who have just entered society and who are trying to earn some money for their university education and to help ease the families' financial burdens, will they not lose heart about their future after their encounter with such a bad employer?