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Correction Directions Under The Protection From Online Falsehoods And Manipulation Act 2019 To Address Falsehood on CPF Policies

1 The Minister for Manpower has instructed the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office to issue a Correction Direction to TikTok user “dr.ishhaq.jay” and a Targeted Correction Direction1 to Tiktok Pte Ltd. in relation to a TikTok post by user “dr.ishhaq.jay” on 12 August 2023 (“the TikTok Post”). In the TikTok Post, he falsely claimed that no one among low and middle income CPF members who utilised their CPF monies to repay their HDB loan has met either the Basic Retirement Sum or Full Retirement Sum in their CPF accounts.


2 The user “dr.ishhaq.jay” will be required to create a new TikTok post containing a correction notice which states that the TikTok Post contains a false statement of fact, and provide a link to the Government’s clarification. TikTok Pte. Ltd. will also be required to communicate a correction notice to all end-users in Singapore who had accessed the TikTok Post. 

3 For the facts of the case, please refer to the Factually article “Corrections and Clarifications regarding false statement of fact on CPF policies in TikTok video published by “dr.ishhaq.jay” on 12 August 2023” at

1 A Targeted Correction Direction is a direction issued to an Internet Intermediary (“II”) whose service was used to communicate a falsehood. The direction requires the II to communicate a correction notice by means of its service to all users in Singapore who access the falsehood through its service. This is so that users who see the falsehood on a platform also see the correction notice on that platform.