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Minister Desmond Lee succeeds Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong as SLF Chairman

1 Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development and the Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration has succeeded Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong as Chairman of the Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF) Board with effect from 1 August 2023.

2 DPM Wong was appointed SLF Chairman on 9 June 2018. During his term, DPM Wong played a key role in steering the strategic direction of SLF and sharpening its focus on its core role to support the development of the Labour Movement and enhance the lives of working people in Singapore. Under his leadership, SLF continued to provide strong support to the Labour Movement by scaling up its grants to sustain various initiatives. For instance, the SLF stepped up support for the training and development of union leaders through its sponsorship of the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute’s training and development programmes. SLF funding also supported the Labour Movement in its key initiatives to push for better wages, welfare and work prospects for workers. These Labour Movement initiatives include working with the Tripartite Partners to expand Progressive Wages, and forming Company Training Committees to help companies improve workforce productivity and equip workers with the relevant skills to keep pace with industry transformation.

3 DPM Wong was also the Chairman of the SLF Investment Committee until 1 July 2023. SLF’s investment framework has continued to achieve its long-term investment objectives under his stewardship. This has enabled SLF to strengthen its financial capacity to support the Labour Movement, and meet the needs of workers.

4 The Ministry of Manpower would like to express its deep appreciation to DPM Wong for his significant contributions to the SLF over the years, and is confident that SLF will continue to enhance support for the local workforce and further strengthen industrial relations under the leadership of Minister Lee.