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New CDEConnect Centre to expand avenues of support for Migrant Domestic Workers and their Employers

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), in partnership with the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE), launched a third CDEConnect centre at Woodlands today. The centre, along with two others in the east (Tampines)[1] and the south west (Pasir Panjang), will enhance accessibility and support for migrant domestic workers (MDWs) and employers residing in the northern part of Singapore.


2 The three centres can facilitate up to 9,000 interviews per month with first-time MDWs on their adjustment to life and work in Singapore. The in-person interviews are conducted within the first six months of the MDW’s employment in Singapore by interviewers who are fluent in the MDWs’ native languages. MOM and CDE will engage MDWs and their employers to resolve issues that are raised, as well as educate both parties of their rights and responsibilities. In 2022, CDE conducted 34,000 interviews for first-time MDWs. Since January 2023, MOM and CDE have also started to progressively interview first-time MDWs for a second time between the sixth- and twelfth-months of their work here.


Other Enhanced Measures to Support MDWs and Employers


3 To provide greater convenience, MDW employers can now access a new 24/7 online appointment system to select their preferred CDEConnect centre, and the date and time for their first-time MDW’s interview. Employers would be able to see the available date and time slots for the interview, choose or modify a slot and complete their booking easily. An acknowledgement of the booking and a reminder of the appointment would also be sent via email and SMS to the MDW employer.


4 “We are glad that CDEConnect Centres have helped many MDWs and their employers by improving their communications and resolving issues amicably. The expanded support network by MOM and our community partners, such as the CDE, are invaluable in enabling a positive relationship between MDWs and their employers” said Minister of State for Manpower, Ms Gan Siow Huang. “We will continue to review and strengthen this support.”


5 Mr Michael Lim, Acting Director, Migrant Workers Segment, National Trades Union Congress, said, “At CDE, we aim to foster a harmonious employer-employee relationship and make communication between them more comfortable and effective. Thus, the CDEConnect centre serve both as an interview centre and a place where employers can seek advice pertaining to their MDWs’ employment. The centres are also recreational areas where CDE organises activities and educational workshops for MDWs on weekends, enabling them to recharge and upskill themselves during their rest day.” 


  1. The CDEConnect Centre at Tampines was officially opened on 24 July 2022