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Enhanced Tripartite Guidelines on Exercising Sensitivity for a Harmonious Workplace

The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP) are being enhanced with additional guidelines for employers and employees on exercising sensitivity at the workplace, with regard to activities that are not related to work. The enhanced guidelines will underscore the importance of building and maintaining a harmonious workplace, where individuals of different backgrounds, abilities and beliefs continue to feel valued, engaged, and respected.

2 All around the world, employers and employees are doing more to support various causes within the workplace. Often, these activities are held in support of causes unrelated to the primary business of the employer, or the job that employees are hired to do.

3 The tripartite partners recognise the importance of proactively preserving a harmonious workplace where employers and employees can thrive, regardless of their values and beliefs. Therefore, the TGFEP will be enhanced in mid-February 2023, to include the guidelines appended in the Annex. Employers are expected to abide by the principles of fair employment practices set out in the TGFEP, including these additional guidelines. 

4 Employers who require advice or assistance in managing sensitivities at the workplace, and employees who wish to report instances of non-compliance with the TGFEP can reach out to the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) at TAFEP will look into the reports, and refer cases of non-compliance to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for investigation. MOM may curtail work pass privileges of non-compliant employers.


a. Employers should be sensitive to the diverse cultures, values and beliefs of their employees when developing, promoting or implementing events, programmes and policies that are not related to work.

b. Support for any cause should not lead to bullying, harassment or ostracism at the workplace in any circumstances. Employers should provide employees with a safe environment to raise their concerns, including through a proper grievance handling process. 

c. Employees should be assessed for performance, promotion and related areas based only on work-related requirements, as stipulated in the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. 

d. Employees should not be required or pressured to participate in events, programmes and policies that are not related to work. Non-support or non-participation should not affect their employment outcomes. 

e. Employers should continue to demonstrate and communicate the importance of an inclusive and harmonious workplace.