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Revised Entry Requirements for Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) Sectors Work Permit Holders (WPHs)

Since March 2022, the entry requirements for CMP WPHs have been progressively eased. Currently, vaccinated new CMP WPHs holding an In-Principle Approval (IPA) are required to undergo a 2-day Pre-Departure Preparatory Programme (PDPP) if they are entering from countries where the PDPP is available[1].  
Further Easing of the Entry Requirements for CMP WPHs from 1 Jul 2022
2. In line with the general easing of COVID-19 measures in Singapore, we will be phasing out the mandatory PDPP requirement from 1 July 2022. However, to maintain resiliency for the CMP sectors, existing PDPP providers will put in place Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for the PDPP regime in the event that the PDPP is reinstated (e.g. public health risks due to the emergence of new variants of concern).
3. Notwithstanding the phasing out of PDPP requirements, all non-Malaysian male WPHs from the CMP sectors holding an IPA will still be required to undergo the residential onboarding programme at the MOM’s Onboard Centres upon their arrival in Singapore. Employers whose WPHs are required to undergo the Onboard programme must ensure that they have booked a slot at the Onboard Centre through the Onboard Booking System before their arrival in Singapore.
4. The following table summarises the entry requirements for vaccinated non-Malaysian CMP WPHs.


Arrival up to 30 Jun 2359Hrs

Arrival from 1 Jul onwards

CMP WPHs on IPA from sources where the PDPP is available (currently Bangladesh, India and Myanmar)

  • 2-day stay at dedicated facility at source countries applied through PDPP provider 
    (Refer to for more information)


  • Pre-departure testing


  • Up to 4 days[2]of onboarding at MOM’s Onboard Centres upon  arrival in SG


  • Up to 4 days of onboarding at MOM’s Onboard Centres upon arrival in SG


CMP WPHs on IPA from other sources (except Malaysians)

  • Up to 4 days of onboarding at MOM’s Onboard Centres upon arrival in SG

Existing CMP WPHs (holding valid work permit) from all sources

No PDPP or onboarding requirements

5. For updates and information on the latest entry requirements for CMP workers, click here to subscribe to BCA’s Telegram Channel and refer to latest advisories published on BCA’s, MOM’s, and EDB’s websites.


  1. The PDPP is currently only available in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.
  2. The 4 days of residential onboarding programme consists of vaccination verification, an enhanced medical examination, a Settling-In Programme and vaccination dose(s), if required.