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342 Residents in Space@Tuas Dormitory Block to Serve Quarantine in Government Quarantine Facility After New COVID-19 Case Detected

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has moved 342 migrant workers in a dormitory block in Space@Tuas to a Government Quarantine Facility on 30 September 2020 to serve a mandatory 14-day quarantine, following the detection of a new COVID-19 case in the dormitory on 28 September 2020.
  2. The new case was discovered through the Rostered Routine Testing (RRT). Preliminary assessment had indicated that the physical segregation measures to prevent workers across two different blocks within the dormitory from intermixing could have been breached. Therefore, a Stay Home Notice (SHN) was immediately issued to the workers staying at the two blocks. This was a precautionary measure to ensure that we prevent further potential spread of COVID-19 infection. Upon further investigation, it was established that it was unlikely for workers from different blocks to have intermixed. The SHN for the unaffected block was therefore rescinded.
  3. Safe living measures, however, were not strictly enforced within the affected block where the new case was living in. As such, 342 residents, who work for 27 employers, living in the affected block were deemed at risk and needed to be quarantined.
  4. MOM urges all dormitory operators, employers, and workers to work together to comply with strict safe living measures within the dormitories, so that only affected workers in the same level or section need to be quarantined if there is a COVID-19 case, instead of the entire block. All stakeholders must play their part:
    1. Dormitory operators must ensure that Safe Living measures remain effective.
    2. Workers must continue to strictly comply with Safe Living measures and remain within their respective residential zones.
    3. Employers should ensure that their workers adhere strictly to Safe Living measures in their dormitories and consistently undergo the RRT.
  5. It is only with the collective efforts of all parties that our migrant workers can remain safe and healthy and our businesses face minimal disruptions to their operations.