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Vast Majority of Workers Have Been Scheduled for RRT

13,000 workers have yet to be scheduled for RRT by their employers; their AccessCode will remain Red until they undergo RRT

  1. As of 6 September, 13,000 workers who are required to undergo Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) have yet to do so. Since August, the Ministry of Manpower, Economic Development Board, Building and Construction Authority, and Health Promotion Board have been engaging the employers and reminding them to schedule their workers for RRT before the 5 September deadline. Agencies have also ensured that there were sufficient RRT slots for booking when the deadline was announced and guided and assisted employers facing difficulties scheduling workers to do so. 
  2. The AccessCode Status for these 13,000 workers will remain Red and they cannot return to work. This is to protect the health and safety of the other workers. Once these workers have undergone their RRT, their AccessCode will be restored to Green and they will be allowed to return to work. Employers should quickly schedule appointment slots for their workers on the Health Promotion Board's Swab Registration System (SRS) to avoid disruption to their business operations.
  3. Employers should approach their respective sector leads, should they have queries on the requirements:

    Sectors Contact
    Construction sector
    Marine and Process sectors
    Manufacturing / services workers staying in dormitories
    To register for an SRS login account, employers can go to Employers who face issues with using the SRS can write in to