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127 More Dormitories Declared Cleared Of COVID-19

  1. 127 more dormitories have been cleared of COVID-19 with effect from today. These comprise 114 Factory-Converted Dormitories and 13 Construction Temporary Quarters. In addition, 35 Blocks for Recovered Workers (BRWs) in 12 Purpose-Built Dormitories (PBDs) have been cleared.
  2. The 35 BRWs cleared today includes the remaining blocks in Jurong Penjuru 1, Homestay Lodge, PPT Lodge 1A, Alaunia Lodge and Tuas View Dormitory, allowing the entire dormitories to be declared cleared of COVID-19. This takes the total number to 1,109 dormitories and 52 BRWs in 14 PBDs cleared of COVID-19.
  3. As announced previously, we expect all dormitories to be cleared by the beginning of August 2020, with the exception of 17 standalone blocks in eight PBDs which serve as quarantine facilities.

    One Block at Westlite Mandai to Serve Extended Quarantine
  4. An additional block in Westlite Mandai will similarly remain as a quarantine facility. This arose from the dormitory operator’s feedback that the residents did not stringently observe the quarantine requirements during the initial 14-day isolation period. Although many tested negative at the end of the isolation period, we share the operator’s concerns and assessed that it would be prudent to go through another round of isolation. The dormitory operator will communicate to the residents of this block to cooperate and observe the quarantine requirements, so that their block can be cleared without further delay. The FAST team assigned to this dormitory will continue to support the dormitory operator.

    265,000 Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) Foreign Workers have Green AccessCode
  5. As of 3 August 2020, about 273,000 workers (approximately 89%) have either recovered or have been tested to be free from the virus. Many of them are staying in cleared dormitories or BRWs and can resume work once dormitory operators, employers and workers have made the necessary preparations to complete the three required steps1 that will help minimise the risk for new infections as the workers go to work on a daily basis. Many dormitories complete the steps almost immediately, with almost all completing in a week or less.
  6. We have made progress over the past weeks, in progressively allowing more foreign workers (including residents of dormitories) to resume work.

      Two Weeks Ago
    (21 Jul)
    (4 Aug)
    Number of all CMP foreign workers with Green AccessCode 186,000 265,000 (+42%)
    Number of CMP dormitory residents with Green AccessCode 104,000 180,000 (+73%)
  7. As MOM’s hotline is experiencing high volumes, we seek employers’ understanding and encourage them to check the AccessCode status of their workers on the Safe@Work eService. Employers can refer to the MOM website for the latest list of cleared dormitories and dormitories to be cleared in the coming weeks.
  8. If the eService indicates that approval from the sector agency has not been obtained, employers should refer to the following sites for appropriate guidance:

    Agency Sectors
    Building and Construction Authority Built Environment
    Economic Development Board and Enterprise Singapore Process, Construction & Maintenance
    Marine & Offshore
    Sector agencies are also revising their restart criteria, so as to facilitate speedier attainment of Green AccessCode, while maintaining safety.


  1. Refer to MOM’s press release on 10 June 2020 for the details of the three steps.