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193 More Dormitories Declared Cleared Of Covid-19

  1. 193 more dormitories have been cleared of COVID-19 with effect from today. These comprise one Purpose-Built Dormitory (PBD), 170 Factory-Converted Dormitories and 22 Construction Temporary Quarters. In addition, 19 Blocks for Recovered Workers (BRWs) in eight PBDs have been cleared (see MOM website for latest list).

  2. Of the 19 BRWs cleared today, three are from Mandai Lodge dormitory. With this, the entire Mandai Lodge has been declared cleared of COVID-19 as the remaining one block had been cleared previously. This takes the total number to 818 dormitories and 59 BRWs in 19 PBDs cleared of COVID-19.

  3. As of 13 July 2020, about 215,000 workers have either recovered, or have been tested to be free from the virus. Some of the workers are pending movement to appropriate accommodations before they can resume work. Others can return to work once dormitory operators, employers and workers have made the necessary preparations to complete the three required steps that will help minimise the risk of new infections as the workers go to work on a daily basis. Most of the dormitories completed the steps in a week or less.

  4. The Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST) are working closely with dormitory operators, employers and migrant workers to complete all the necessary steps and clear the remaining dormitories. Employers can refer to the MOM website for the latest list of cleared dormitories and dormitories to be cleared in the coming weeks.

  5. As we continue to gradually resume work, we urge all dormitory operators, employers and workers to remain vigilant and ensure that the Safe Working and Safe Living measures are rigorously followed.