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Update on MOM's Enforcement Efforts on Circuit Breaker Measures for Workplaces and Stay-Home Notice Requirements

  1. Over the last month, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has continued to enforce on circuit breaker measures for workplaces and Stay-Home Notice (SHN) requirements put in place to reduce the risk of local transmission of COVID-19.


  2. From 7 April to 5 May 2020, MOM conducted over 15,000 inspections at workplaces.  Overall, the inspections revealed that vast majority of companies were compliant and have put in place the necessary safe distancing measures at their workplace premises. Nevertheless, MOM took action against some employers who did not implement the necessary requirements to protect their workers.
  3. Composition fines totalling $29,000 were issued to 29 workplaces for breaching of safe distancing measures. The breaches included failure to ensure safe distancing and crowd management, conduct of temperature screening, and proper tracking of employees and visitors’ entry into the workplace.
  4. MOM also took action against 170 non-essential firms who did not obtain approval to operate during the circuit breaker period. 16 firms were issued with composition fines totalling $16,000. The other firms were issued with stern warnings.
  5. Additionally, the tripartite partners comprising MOM, the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), will issue an advisory to prepare companies to resume operation after post-circuit breaker period. The advisory covers the following areas:

    A. Implement a system of Safe Management Measures at workplaces
    B. Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing at workplaces
    C. Support contact tracing requirements
    D. Require personal protective equipment and observe good personal hygiene
    E. Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises
    F. Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases


  6. Between 13 and 30 April 2020, MOM conducted over 75,000 video calls and inspections on foreign workers to ensure that they abide by the circuit breaker measures and SHN requirements. MOM has revoked the work passes of 29 work pass holders for breaching the above measures.
  7. Of the 29 work passes revoked:

    17 work pass holders were caught breaching circuit breaker measures. They were found eating, drinking and gathering in groups.

    12 work pass holders were caught leaving their residence while on SHN.
  8. These work pass holders have been permanently banned from working in Singapore. MOM has also suspended the work pass privileges of nine employers for failing to ensure that their employees comply with the SHN requirements.


  9. MOM will continue to conduct checks on businesses and workers to ensure compliance of circuit breaker measures and SHN requirements, so as to keep our workplaces safe.