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Further Measures to Help Companies During Extended Circuit Breaker

  1. The Government will extend the Job Support Scheme (JSS) wage subsidy of 75% for all sectors for the month of May 2020. This will help employers retain their local employees and continue paying them salaries during this period. Companies that reduce their employees’ salaries or put them on no-pay leave will receive correspondingly lower payouts in subsequent tranches. MOM will also investigate complaints of unfair practices to ensure that JSS payouts have been used to support employee salaries.

  2. As part of the Solidarity Budget, employers are also given a Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) rebate of $750 for each S Pass or Work Permit holder employed as of 29 February 2020.In addition, levies due to be paid in April 2020 have been waived. The Government will extend these measures by providing:
    1. FWL rebate of $750 for each S Pass or Work Permit Holder employed as of 1 May 2020
    2. Waiver of FWL due in the month of May 2020

  3. The financial support to employers is to help them continue paying the salaries of our migrant workers, as part of Singapore’s commitment to look after their livelihoods during this difficult period. We appreciate the cooperation of most employers who have understood and fulfilled their obligations to their migrant workers. To ensure consistency of understanding and practice, we will require employers to make an acknowledgement at this link.

  4. The FWL rebate will be processed and credited as follows:
    1. Companies with PayNow Corporate accounts must acknowledge by 8 May 2020 to receive the FWL rebate on 29 May 2020; those that acknowledge by 22 May 2020 will receive the FWL rebate on 19 June 2020.
    2. Companies without PayNow Corporate accounts must acknowledge by 22 May 2020 to receive the payment by cheque from 3 July 2020.

    Employers have a duty to act responsibly

  5. With the significant support provided by the Government, employers are reminded to treat all their employees regardless of nationality, fairly and responsibly.

  6. MOM has received feedback that a number of companies have not paid salaries during the Circuit Breaker period. While we understand that employers may themselves face difficulties, it is not reasonable to implement extended no-pay leave or other wage-saving measures without engaging or seeking the consent of their employees. It is also unacceptable to threaten employees with termination should they report such issues to MOM.

  7. MOM will investigate valid complaints and may suspend JSS/FWL payouts for these companies until investigations complete. Where there is evidence of irresponsible or unfair treatment, employers may be denied future employment support (including JSS, FWL rebate and waiver) and have their work pass privileges curtailed.

  8. We urge employers to keep their employees’ interests in mind even as they make adjustments during this challenging period.