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Over 62,000 employers to benefit from $675 million in foreign worker levy rebates

  1. The government had earlier announced at the 6 April 2020 Solidarity Budget that it would provide employers with a Foreign Worker Levy rebate of $750 for each work permit or S Pass holder. This is on top of the waiver of the Foreign Worker levy that is due in April 2020. The initiatives are meant to provide additional support to help employers to care for the upkeep of our foreign workers during the Circuit Breaker period.
  2. From 21 April 2020, more than 62,000 employers will benefit from close to $675 million in the first wave of levy rebate payouts. This will be disbursed to eligible employers who have paid at least one month of levy due in 2020. Employers do not need to apply for the levy rebate. Employers will be informed once the rebate is successfully paid to them. In the meantime, employers can check their eligibility and the amount of rebate they will receive here1.
  3. Eligible employers who have successfully signed up for PayNow Corporate will receive the rebate on 21 April 2020. We urge more employers to sign up for PayNow Corporate by 29 April 2020, if they have not already done so, to catch the second crediting attempt on 30 April 2020. Otherwise, employers will receive the rebate via cheque from 15 May 2020.


  1. Check your levy eligibility and rebate at Only Directors, business owners, as well as Work Permit Online (WPOL), Employment Pass Online (EPOL)'s administrators and users can use this service.