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Sweet Treats for Foreign Workers in Celebration of Tamil and Bengali New Year

  1. To celebrate the Tamil and Bengali New Year which falls on 14 April 2020, the Inter-Agency Taskforce teamed up with the Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) to distribute festive goodies to foreign workers.
  2. It is a tradition to have specially made sweets to welcome the New Year. To give workers some comfort during this difficult period, a total of 123,000 traditional Indian sweets, including laddu, mysore pauk, paal gova, were prepared by 24 Hindu Temples. These were distributed to foreign workers across 22 locations, regardless of race. This is a first of its kind effort by the HEB, bringing temples together to produce traditional sweets on this scale.
  3. The Taskforce also provided the workers with fast food treats to celebrate the occasion, distributing over 90,000 meals from KFC, including vegetarian pizza, in addition to their daily meals.
  4. We would like to thank the HEB, the Hindu temples, volunteers and KFC for partnering with us. We hope that these festive goodies will help to lift the spirits of the foreign workers as they celebrate this festive occasion.