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MOM Intensifies Inspections of Factory-Converted Dormitories and Workers Breaching Circuit Breaker Measures

  1. In view of the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has stepped up inspections at factory-converted dormitories (FCDs) to ensure that living conditions are acceptable, and that the well-being of the dormitory residents are taken care of.
  2. With circuit breaker measures in place until 4 May 2020, MOM officers also checked that the FCD operators and employers adhere to the enhanced safe distancing measures. This includes ensuring that their residents or employees stay in their rooms as much as possible and minimise interactions with those not living in the same room. The FCD operators and employers also have to ensure that the workers leave the premises only if they need to purchase essential goods and services. Workers are reminded that they should not loiter and gather with their friends both inside and outside the FCDs.
  3. MOM also conducted separate inspections today to ensure that workers are observing circuit breaker measures.  Despite past enforcements carried out in the vicinity of Tuas View Square, our inspectors found 24 work pass holders eating, drinking, and gathering in groups. To send a clear signal of the seriousness of the offense, MOM has decided to revoke all 24 work passes and permanently barred the individuals from working in Singapore.


  4. Factory-converted dormitories are industrial or warehouse developments which have been partially converted to dormitories.  Operators must submit design plans of the FCDs to MOM and other agencies for approval, to ensure that there are adequate facilities, including proper sanitation and adequate fire safety provisions.
  5. Between 11 April 2020 and 13 April 2020, MOM officers inspected over 600 FCDs located at Sungei Kadut, Tuas and other locations across Singapore.
  6. Inspections revealed that the vast majority of the FCDs had instituted safe distancing measures and health checks for their residents. The dormitory residents also had no well-being or salary issues.
  7. Minor lapses were found in 57 FCDs, with the most prevalent issue being a lack of sickbays and isolation areas. The cleanliness levels of some of these FCDs were also found to be unacceptable. The operators have been instructed to rectify the issues immediately. Follow-up inspections will be conducted to ensure compliance.
  8. MOM will complete the inspections of the remaining 600 FCDs in the next two days. We urge owners and operators of FCDs to pay special attention to the management of their dormitories well during this circuit breaker period. Where necessary, MOM, together with the Migrant Workers’ Centre, will provide the operators with the support needed to implement the measures.


  9. MOM issued an additional advisory to employers of foreign workers living in FCDs, and other living arrangements on 13 April 2020 to remind their employees to observe the safe distancing measures including, no inter-mixing of workers between blocks and where possible between floors, minimise time spent in public area, and to maintain safe distancing in and out of the dormitory/quarters.
  10. Employers are also reminded to continue to pay the salaries of their workers promptly and look after their well-being during this period of circuit breaker. A copy of the advisory can be found here.
  11. MOM will not hesitate to revoke the work pass privileges of errant employers. Work pass holders who do not cooperate will be fined, or have their work passes revoked and permanently barred from working in Singapore.