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Convening of the National Wages Council 2020/2021

  1. Given the economic uncertainty arising from the COVID-19 situation, the National Wages Council (NWC), a tripartite body made up of employer, employee and government representatives1, will convene earlier than usual this year, on 17 March 2020, to develop its annual guidelines2 on wage and employment-related issues.

  2.  In its deliberations, the NWC will take into account the domestic and global economic situation and outlook given the COVID-19 situation.

  3.  Members of the public are encouraged to share their views on what could be included in the annual guidelines. Feedback received will be considered by the NWC as part of its deliberations.

  4. Feedback can be directed to the NWC Secretariat through the online form via the link below by 24 Mar 2020.

    Feedback form:


  1. The list of NWC 2020/2021 members is in the Annex.
  2. The NWC 2019/2020 guidelines can be found at