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Accommodating Workers Affected By Lockdown in Malaysia

  1. In view of Malaysia’s announcement to implement a Movement Control Order, many companies are making efforts to house in Singapore, workers who commute across the Singapore-Malaysia border frequently.
  2. Companies can encourage affected workers to stay with their relatives, friends or colleagues, who may be willing to accommodate them for a short period. This may be the option most amenable to some workers.

    Range of Options Available for Companies

  3. For workers who cannot stay with relatives, friends or colleagues, the Government has worked with the private and public sectors to make available a range of short-term housing options:
    • Hotels/Dormitories: There is a range of hotel/dormitory options currently available.
    • Accommodation, such as rooms and whole property in both the HDB flats and private residential property market. 
  4. We advise employers to assess their manpower needs carefully and make a considered decision as to whether they need their affected workers to remain in Singapore. In providing assistance, we will prioritise the needs of firms that provide essential services such as healthcare, security, cleaning, waste management, facilities management, logistics and transport.
  5. The Government is looking into providing financial support for companies that need to urgently accommodate their affected workers, and will release more details shortly.  The Government will also be working with the hotel/dormitory providers on providing lower cost rentals. Our objective is to minimise any impact on the delivery of services for our people.
  6. For further queries or clarifications on accommodation for affected workers, please contact:

    Ministry of Manpower 
    Online enquiry: