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Temporary Scheme to Help Manufacturing and Services Sectors Manage Manpower Needs

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has partnered with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to introduce a temporary scheme to help companies in the manufacturing and services sectors better manage their manpower needs in view of the COVID-19 situation.
  2. For a period of six months starting from 2 March 2020, companies in these sectors will be allowed to hire existing PRC Work Permit holders (WPH) who are in Singapore, with the agreement of their current employers. Currently, these companies can only hire PRC WPHs after they have exited Singapore.
  3. The scheme will give companies more flexibility to manage their manpower needs. Companies facing a shortage of manpower can save on search and recruitment expenses. At the same time, companies that have excess manpower can provide their workers with an opportunity to continue working in Singapore and save on repatriation costs.
  4. This is an existing scheme for the construction, process and marine sectors. The decision to extend the scheme to the manufacturing and services sector was taken by MOM, together with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, SBF, the Singapore National Employers’ Federation, and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).


  5. MOM will work with SBF to facilitate the transfer of PRC WPHs between companies in the same sector. Employers who wish to hire existing PRC WPHs or transfer their PRC WPHs to another employer can contact SBF at All other prevailing work permit criteria apply for new applications. 
  6. Mr Ho Meng Kit, Chief Executive Officer of SBF, said, “This is a practical and timely initiative to help our Manufacturing and Services companies that are facing manpower challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. This initiative will benefit all parties - companies that require additional workers to meet their business needs, companies that are looking to release their workers, and workers who find themselves displaced due to COVID-19 situation. As the apex business chamber, the SBF is glad that we can play our part to help link up the firms and facilitate the transfer of their workers.”
  7. Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, Assistant Director-General of NTUC and Director of U SME (Small & Medium Enterprises), said, "This temporary measure by MOM and MTI will be welcomed by our SMEs whose businesses have been affected by COVID-19. We know of SMEs that now have a surplus of manpower and at the same time, there are SMEs whose workers are unable to return to China. We are also mindful that some of these workers may still be paying off their loans, so this move would give them a chance to continue to work. The flexibility of this temporary measure will therefore help our companies manage their cost and manpower issues."

    Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the process for companies interested to participate in this scheme?
    • Interested companies can approach SBF who will help connect employers who are looking to release their PRC workers to those who are experiencing a shortage of manpower.
    • Upon a successful connection, SBF will inform MOM and the hiring company can submit a work permit application to MOM via Work Permit Online (WPOL).
    • All prevailing work permit criteria apply for new applications.
  2. Is this scheme only available to SBF members?
    • The scheme has been extended to all companies in the manufacturing and services sectors.
  3. Are there any fees involved in this scheme?
    • SBF will provide the facilitation service for free for the first month. Thereafter, SBF may charge employers a nominal fee which will be announced later.
    • The hiring company will need to submit a new work permit application to MOM via WPOL. The current application fee of $35 per application applies.
  4. Can manufacturing and services companies hire or transfer existing non-PRC WPHs under this scheme?
    • Currently, manufacturing and services companies can already hire existing Malaysian WPHs who are in Singapore. Under this new temporary scheme, companies in these sectors will also be allowed to hire PRC WPHs who are in Singapore within the same sector, as long as their current employer agrees.
  5. Can manufacturing and services companies hire or transfer existing PRC WPHs across sectors under this scheme?
    • Companies can only hire or transfer existing PRC WPHs within the same sector. This is based on industry feedback that the skillset and experience of workers would be more transferable within the same sector.
  6. Can manufacturing and services companies hire existing PRC WPHs who are in Singapore, without the current employer’s agreement, under this scheme?
    • Companies that wish to hire existing PRC WPH in Singapore would need to obtain the agreement of the worker and his/her current employer before submitting the application for the worker. This is to minimise any potential downstream disputes.