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More workers and employers taken to task for breaching leave of absence requirements

  1. Between 10 February and 24 February, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) took action against 10 additional work pass holders and suspended the work pass privileges of nine more employers for breaching the leave of absence (LOA) requirements. To date, MOM has taken action against a total of 14 work pass holders and 15 employers.

  2. MOM has been conducting regular checks through physical inspections, telephone and video calls as part of ongoing efforts to ensure that work pass holders on mandatory LOA abide by the requirements.
  3. Of the 10 work pass holders, six had their work passes revoked.
    • In two of the cases, both the workers and employers claimed ignorance of the LOA requirements, despite being informed by MOM earlier on the requirements. The workers’ work passes were revoked, and they have been permanently banned from employment in Singapore. The employer’s work pass privileges have also been suspended for two years.
    • One foreign worker had his work pass revoked and permanently banned from employment in Singapore after he was caught visiting a casino.
    • Three did not respond to calls by MOM despite MOM’s repeated attempts. MOM has revoked their work passes and suspended the work pass privileges of the two employers for failing to ensure that their workers remain contactable during the LOA period.
  4. For the other four work pass holders, they have been given stern warnings.
    • The first three cases involved workers on LOA who were instructed by their employer to report to work. The workers were given a warning. MOM has suspended the work pass privileges of their employers for three years.
      • The first case involved a worker who approached MOM to lodge a complaint against his employer, Element Logistics Pte Ltd, a freight forwarding firm, after his company’s business development manager instructed him to work.
      • The second case involved a worker from SCDA Design Pte Ltd, an architecture firm, who was instructed by her company’s HR manager to report to office despite her being on LOA.
      • The third case involved a worker from Cham Brothers Engineering Pte Ltd, a manufacturing firm, who was instructed by his company director to work during his LOA.
    • One other foreign worker was given a stern warning for being out of his residence for a prolonged period of time after his meal.

  5. Employers and employees have a joint duty to ensure that the employee behaves responsibly during the LOA. Employers are not to instruct their employees to turn up for work. Ignorance of the requirements is not an excuse and MOM will not hesitate to revoke the work passes and withdraw work pass privileges against errant employers or employees.
  6. Members of public who have any information on work pass holders or employers breaching the LOA requirements can email MOM at: