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Two Work Passes Revoked for Re-Entry into Singapore Without Prior Approval

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has revoked the work passes of two workers and suspended the work pass privileges of their employers. The two workers had breached the entry approval requirements put in place by MOM.
  2. After 2359h, 8 Feb 2020, all work pass holders with travel history to mainland China within the last 14 days and planning to enter/return to Singapore, are required to obtain MOM’s prior approval before they commence their journey.
  3. The employers of the two workers had applied for them to enter Singapore on 11 Feb 2020. However, their applications were not approved, as part of MOM’s efforts to ensure a manageable and orderly return of such workers. Even though the employers were informed of the outcome at least 12 hours before the workers’ intended arrival, they still made the journey and entered Singapore on 11 Feb 2020.
  4. MOM has ordered the employers to repatriate the workers within 24 hours. The workers have also been permanently banned from working in Singapore. As for their employers, MOM has suspended their work pass privileges for one year.


  5. Employers are reminded to seek approval using the online facility for work pass holders with recent travel history to mainland China to enter/return to Singapore. Employers should inform their employees not to make travel plans to Singapore until approval has been obtained from MOM.
  6. Upon the employee’s arrival in Singapore, they will be required to serve a mandatory 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA). Employers and employees have a joint duty to ensure that employee behaves responsibly during the LOA.
  7. MOM will not hesitate to take enforcement measures against errant employers or employees who do not comply with the requirements set out above, including the revocation of work passes and suspension of work pass privileges.