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MOM Issues Updated Advisory on Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Dormitories

  1. Since 23 January 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has provided regular advice to dormitory operators to put in place preventive measures to mitigate the risk of infection of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) amongst residents. Operators are required to increase the frequency of the cleaning of their premises, regularly monitor their residents closely for fever and respiratory symptoms, and remind their residents on good hygiene habits.
  2. With the raising of DORSCON Level to Orange, MOM has issued a new advisory to all dormitories to step up cleaning and precautionary measures. The key measures include:
    1. Suspend all mass activities to minimise risk of infections among residents;
    2. Stagger the usage of common dormitory facilities, where possible, to further minimise cross-interactions between residents;
    3. As an added precaution, make arrangements for residents on LOA to reside together with others on LOA, in a section of the dormitory that is separate from other residents.In the event that this is not possible, there should be dedicated rooms for them. These should not be the rooms that are set up for quarantine purposes; and
    4. Make arrangements for food so that residents on LOA need not leave the premises. If there is an urgent need for residents to leave the dormitory, the resident should be advised to minimise social contact and return to the dormitory as soon as possible.
  3. Dormitory operators are also required to maintain a record of residents on LOA.
  4. Dormitory operators, employers and employees are strongly advised to refer to the Ministry’s website for the latest advisories.
  5. For further queries or clarifications, please contact:

    a. Ministry of Manpower

    MOM Contact Centre, Tel: (65) 6438 5122
    Online Enquiry via this link:

    b. Ministry of Health

    MOH General Hotline, Tel: (65) 6325 9220
    Online Enquiry via this link: