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Statement on the High Court’s Dismissal of the Singapore Democratic Party’s Appeal Against the Correction Directions Issued under POFMA

  1. The High Court has dismissed the Singapore Democratic Party’s (“SDP”) application to appeal against the Correction Directions (“CDs”) issued by MOM under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (“POFMA”).

  2. The SDP had argued that their statements were true. However, the Court found the SDP’s statements to be false. 

  3. The SDP had put out falsehoods.

  4. In particular, contrary to the SDP’s statements, the Court found that:

    (a) There is in fact no rising trend in local PMET retrenchments as a proportion of all local PMET employees; and
    Local PMET employment increased.

  5. Since Correction Directions were issued, the SDP has tried to confuse and mislead the public by suggesting several different meanings to its statements. The SDP has also tried to confuse by saying that it was ‘interpreting’ statistics, when it was actually purveying falsehoods, as found by the Court.