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Commissioner for Labour adopts updated Progressive Wage Model recommendations by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners

  1. The Commissioner for Labour has considered and fully adopted the recommendations in the report issued by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC)[1]. The TCC is a tripartite body appointed by the Minister for Manpower comprising representatives from employers, trade unions of employees, the Government, and other stakeholders in the cleaning industry.

    Implementation of PWM bonus and scheduled annual wage increases for cleaners

  2. From 1 January 2020, the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) bonus for eligible resident cleaners will be implemented under the cleaning business licensing regime through the Order imposed by the Commissioner for Labour for eligible resident cleaners, based on the guidance provided by TCC in its report.

  3. Likewise, the TCC’s recommendations on the scheduled 3% annual wage increases to the PWM wage levels from 2020 to 2022 will be implemented for all licensed cleaning businesses by the Commissioner for Labour, for all resident cleaners from 1 July 2020.

  4. Cleaning businesses that seek to be licensed must ensure that their submitted progressive wage plans for their resident cleaners follow the TCC’s latest PWM guidelines. Licensed cleaning businesses must also pay their resident cleaners according to their progressive wage plans, and issue payslips to their resident cleaners containing details of the resident cleaners’ basic wage and other payments received.

  5. General licensed cleaning businesses found to be in breach of licensing conditions are liable to a financial penalty not exceeding $5,000 and may risk having their Cleaning Business Licence suspended or revoked.

    For more information

  6. For further details on the enhanced wage schedules, the definitions of each class of cleaners under the PWM, and the PWM itself, please refer to the report issued by the TCC in November 2018. Cleaners with enquiries may call NTUC’s U Care Centre at 1800-255-2828 for more information.


  1. "Recommendations of the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners on the Implementation of Progressive Wage Model (PWM) bonus from 2020”, dated November 2018