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New Chief Executive Officer for CPF Board

  1. Mr Ng Chee Peng, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board), is leaving the Singapore Public Service on 1 April 2019 after 30 years of service.
  2. Mr Augustin Lee, currently Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), will succeed Mr Ng as the new Chief Executive Officer with effect from the same date.
  3. Mr Aubeck Kam, Permanent Secretary (Manpower), said, “The Ministry of Manpower would like to put on record its appreciation to Chee Peng for his leadership of CPF Board. Under Chee Peng, the CPF Board has provided members greater assurance in their retirement, improved members’ service experience, enhanced the Board’s digital shopfront, and extended and deepened its engagement with members.”


    Mr Ng Chee Peng (黄志平)
  4. Mr Ng Chee Peng, 48, began his public service career in 1989, when he was awarded the President’s Scholarship and SAF Overseas Scholarship. Through the course of his career in the public service, Mr Ng has held, amongst others, the appointments of Chief of Staff-Joint Staff in the Singapore Armed Forces, Chief of Navy as well as Chief Executive Officer of CPF Board.
  5. As Chief of Navy from March 2011 to July 2014, Mr Ng laid the foundations for the Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) future capabilities through operationalising new platforms such as the ARCHER-class submarines and reorganising the RSN’s operational, training and safety systems. Under his leadership, the RSN made valuable contributions to international counter-piracy efforts through its command of a combined multinational task force in the Gulf of Aden. He also enhanced the coordination of our national maritime agencies in responding to maritime threats by establishing and operationalising the National Maritime Security System. Mr Ng also initiated efforts, such as Navy@Vivo, for the RSN to engage and reach out to the public and the wider community.
  6. Since joining the CPF Board as Chief Executive Officer in March 2015, Mr Ng had spearheaded the successful implementation of policy initiatives recommended by the CPF Advisory Panel to provide CPF members with greater assurance in their retirement. These included various options to help CPF members grow their retirement savings and receive payouts that better meet their retirement needs, as well as greater flexibility to transfer their CPF balances to loved ones.
  7. To further improve members’ service experience, Mr Ng led the Board to embark on a digital transformation journey, which enabled the CPF Board to be the first Government agency to implement the use of PayNow in its services. With PayNow, CPF members can now make post-55 withdrawals conveniently using their mobile devices, and receive their monies within minutes. Under his leadership, the Board also inaugurated the use of Call Authentication for its call-services in March 2017, which has allowed members to receive personal information over the phone conveniently and securely. In addition, the my cpf mobile application and my cpf e-Services profile page were revamped to provide an enhanced user interface and personalised experience to members.
  8. Beyond enhancing CPF Board’s digital shopfront, Mr Ng played a pivotal role in extending and deepening the Board’s engagement with members. During his tenure, the CPF Board introduced annual CPF retirement planning campaigns and roadshows as well as new social media channels to reach out to Singaporeans and help them better prepare for retirement with CPF. The Board also implemented a number of initiatives such as the revamped CPF Yearly Statement of Accounts and the CPF Retirement Planning Service which use personalised information and one-to-one guidance to enable CPF members to make more informed decisions.

    Mr Augustin Lee (李东阳)
  9. Mr Augustin Lee, 47, had held various appointments in the Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He was also the Principal Private Secretary to then Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. He joined MOM as Deputy Secretary in 2010. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours First Class) and a Master Degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore as well as a Master of Science in Management from Stanford University, USA.