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Ministry of Manpower Marks 20th Year with Challenge:To Be The Bridge For Singaporeans To A Brighter Future of Work

  1. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) celebrated the 20th anniversary of its formation, with a call from Manpower Minister Mrs Josephine Teo for MOM to be the bridge for Singaporeans to a brighter future of work.
  2. In a note to all MOM staff, Mrs Teo outlined the challenges ahead for the Ministry, as well as the opportunities where MOM officers could make a difference to the lives of fellow Singaporeans.
  3. Mrs Teo further elaborated on the vision when addressing the 1,200 staff who participated in the anniversary celebration at Bay East Bridge.  She said, “The future of work holds many promises – innovative workplaces, more meaningful jobs, better prospects. But there are also uncertainties because of disruptions and restructuring. MOM must be agile and practical in our responses to help businesses transform and workers adapt. We must also have empathy and understand the aspirations of Singaporeans.  Let us bring our heads, hearts and hands to bear so that we can all move forward and not fall behind.”
  4. Mrs Teo also paid tribute to past Manpower Ministers and MOM officers as she recounted the many MOM achievements in the last 20 years.  She said, “My predecessors and past MOMers have laid a solid foundation for MOM to thrive and succeed. We will build on this success together with our tripartite partners, to create a brighter future of work, upholding the principles of being pro-business and pro-worker in all that we do.”
  5. MOM kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration with a 5 km mass run and walk in the morning from the Ministry’s Services Centre at Bendemeer and at The Riverwalk respectively to Bay East Bridge. The celebration ended with the sealing of a time capsule which contained items representative of MOM’s past and current work. Some of the items are the first MOM Annual Report published in 1998, a safety helmet worn by workplace safety officers during inspections, and a Workfare booklet that explains the national scheme that encourages Singaporeans to continue working and training, among others. The time capsule would be opened in 2028.
  6. As part of its celebration and to affirm its commitment of care towards the larger community, MOM also raised funds for charitable causes.  Apart from staff contribution, funds were raised through the sale of postcards with images depicting past and present MOM buildings that were hand-painted by staff.