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Manpower Minister's attendance at G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting in Mendoza, Argentina

  1. Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo attended the G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting (LEMM) in Mendoza, Argentina from 6 to 7 September 2018.
  2. The G20 LEMM in 2018 focused on the theme “Building consensus for a fair and sustainable development”. The meeting discussed the opportunities and challenges in the future of work, and the effective policies for responding to current trends to shape a fairer and more inclusive future of work.
  3. Minister Teo delivered two key interventions while in Mendoza (see Annex for Remarks by Manpower Minister at G20 LEMM):
  • In her first intervention, Minister Teo made three points as she spoke on winning together with technology: (1) Singapore is embracing technology to help transform industries; (2) we are leveraging technology to create better jobs, uplift skills and enhance careers; and (3) tripartite collaboration will continue to be crucial as we chart our future of work.
  • Minister Teo spoke about ensuring sustainable self-employment in the future of work in her second intervention. She spoke on Singapore tripartite partners’ efforts to address the common challenges faced by self-employed persons through practical measures.
  1. Minister Teo also met Argentina President Mauricio Macri on the sidelines of the G20 LEMM. President Macri said that he looked forward to meeting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the G20 Leaders Summit, to be held in Buenos Aires on 30 November to 1 December 2018.
  2. In addition, Minister Teo met her G20 counterparts to exchange views as well as learn from the experiences in their countries.