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Exercise Heartbeat 2017: Businesses at Clarke Quay prepare against terror attacks

  1. Close to 140 people, with about 70 representatives and staff from businesses located around Clarke Quay, participated in a simulated terror attack today. The exercise at Clarke Quay was jointly organised by the Singapore Police Force and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Cluster Lead for the SGSecure at Workplaces Programme.

    Exercise Scenario
  2. The exercise served to test the emergency responses of SPF, businesses and their staff in dealing with a terror attack similar to the recent London Borough Market attack.
  3. The exercise scenario involved three armed men who carried out a gun attack at a club in the Clarke Quay area, and a knife attack against persons in the vicinity. The attacks resulted in a large number of casualties.
  4. Through the collective efforts of the staff of businesses and security personnel, patrons were quickly ushered to safety and business premises were secured, thereby preventing more casualties. The SPF’s Emergency Response Teams and Neighbourhood Police Centre Ground Response Forces arrived shortly after the attack, took control of the situation and swiftly neutralised the armed attackers.

    Engagement of Companies on SGSecure
  5. MOM has been working with CapitaLand Mall Asia, which manages the Clarke Quay area1, to build up businesses’ resilience against terrorism under the SGSecure at Workplaces Programme. This included encouraging their employees to download the SGSecure app, training them on emergency evacuation routes and the registering of SGSecure Representatives with MOM.
  6. BizSAFE training sessions were also conducted to help businesses improve their workplace’s safety, health and security capabilities. Over half of the tenants in Clarke Quay have now embarked on the bizSAFE programme.
  7. Ms Teresa Teow, Head of Retail Management, Singapore, CapitaLand Mall Asia, said, “At CapitaLand, we recognise the importance of partnering the community to strengthen vigilance at our properties and boost our ability to respond effectively to crises. This includes planning ahead, putting contingency plans in place and working closely with stakeholders, including our employees, tenants, and the authorities. In addition to taking part in the SPF Safety & Security Watch Group, Clarke Quay has co-organised a session with SPF to brief over 150 employees from Clarke Quay’s management team and tenants on the emergency evacuation routes and terror response plans. We have also actively encouraged our tenants to adopt the recommendations in the SGSecure Guide for Workplaces. Clarke Quay is one of Singapore’s most popular lifestyle destinations with about a million visitors every month. Our focus is to make Clarke Quay a safe and secure place for visitors and employees.”
  8. Beyond the loss of lives, terror attacks disrupt business operations and affect employees’ livelihood and morale. It is therefore important for employers to prepare and protect their workforce, as well as partner the community to enable businesses to recover and resume operations quickly after an attack.

    Launch of New Advisories on Contingency Planning and Building Security
  9. To better support building owners, the SPF is also rolling out two new advisories on Contingency Planning and Building Security. These advisories build on the SGSecure Guide for Workplaces and provide further guidance on how building owners can safeguard their premises and deal with an attack.
  10. Companies can find out more about SGSecure through the websites listed below:


  1. Clarke Quay houses about 70 F&B and lifestyle establishments that employ more than 1,500 people. Clarke Quay attracts about a million visitors every month.