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Fact Sheet on SGSecure at Workplaces Programme

  1. At the National Security Conference 2017, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean announced that the Government will scale up efforts to enhance readiness of workplaces through the SGSecure at Workplaces Programme. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is the lead agency for the programme, which aims to:
    • Engage companies on need to prepare the workplace against terror threat.
      • Companies are encouraged to appoint and register an SGSecure rep with MOM. The rep will be the companies’ point of contact with the authorities and will receive important information regularly on preparation against terror threats.
    • Get companies to be SGSecure-ready to:
      • Have a prepared workforce ready to work together and deal with the terror threat;
      • Have protected workplaces with business continuity plans ready to kick-in in the event of an incident; and
      • Actively partner the community to boost vigilance and ability to respond to the threat.
  2. MOM targets to have 30,000 SGSecure-engaged companies with a registered SGSecure rep, and 27,000 SGSecure-ready companies, by 2020.

    SGSecure Guide for Workplaces
  3. The SGSecure Guide for Workplaces provides actionable recommendations for companies to be SGSecure-ready. The guide is developed jointly with government agencies, trade associations and unions1, and involved over 150 employers and subject matter experts. It will be distributed to all businesses progressively from October 2017.
  4. The Guide features actionable recommendations for companies in three key areas:
    • Prepare your workforce – Train your employees, identify and develop a team of responders and build a cohesive workforce.
    • Protect your workplace – Manage your safety and security risks, plan ahead for business continuity and protect your IT systems and data.
    • Partner your community – Develop your support networks, enhance your communication capabilities and reach out to your stakeholders.
  5. Companies can take four easy steps to start their SGSecure journey.
    • Appoint and register an SGSecure rep with MOM.
    • Encourage employees to download the SGSecure app to receive important alerts during major emergencies.
    • Brief employees on the emergency escape routes and places to hide during an incident.
    • Download and display the “Run, Hide, Tell” and “Press, Tie, tell” advisories ( to educate employees on how to respond in times of crises.

    Enhanced bizSAFE Framework2
  6. To assist companies to build capabilities to become SGSecure-ready, MOM, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), SkillsFuture Singapore and the Workplace Safety and Health Council have incorporated SGSecure elements into the enhanced bizSAFE framework.
  7. The enhancements include:
    • Sensitising business leaders attending bizSAFE level 1 courses to security risks posed by terror threats.
      • They will be expected to incorporate security elements in their company’s WSH policy.
    • Helping risk management champions attending bizSAFE level 2 courses gain competency in identifying and addressing terror threats.
      • They will gain knowledge on assessing possible terror scenarios, identifying protective security measures to mitigate terror risks and preparing contingency response plans for a terror attack.
    • Auditing enhanced risk management plans as part of bizSAFE level 3 requirements.
      • Risk management plans will have to consider terror risks and mitigating measures in place.

    Five Priority Sectors Identified
  8. Five priority sectors have been identified by MOM and MHA for the SGSecure at Workplaces Programme. These sectors tend to have a high concentration of people and higher likelihood of being targeted, based on past terror trends. These priority sectors are:
    • Food and Beverage
    • Retail
    • Entertainment
    • Hotels
    • Transport
  9. MOM and the tripartite partners will be working with industry associations from the five sectors and key building owners to raise awareness for SGSecure. We will leverage existing engagement platforms of the associations and the Singapore Police Force’s Safety and Security Watch Group (SSWG) to prepare and train the workforce. Simulation Exercises will also be conducted with key building owners to better prepare tenants and building management in managing a crisis.


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  2. bizSAFE is a five-step programme that assists companies to build up their WSH capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace. In this programme, there are five different levels to achieve. To start, an enterprise’s top management must show commitment to WSH. The efforts must be sustained until a good WSH management system is achieved.