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Company fined for serious accident involving reversing forklift

  1. THT Logistics Pte Ltd was fined $80,000 yesterday for workplace safety and health breaches that led to a forklift accident within its premises, causing a worker to sustain serious leg injuries.

    Case Summary
  2. On 6 January 2015, Chua Kiang Lik, an employee of THT Logistics, was tasked to unload cargo from a container. During one of his breaks, as Chua was walking within the premises, a forklift driver of the same company reversed his forklift into Chua and knocked him over. Chua’s legs were run over by the forklift’s left rear wheel. He was subsequently conveyed to Alexandra Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a closed ankle fracture and underwent multiple procedures.
  3. Investigations revealed that the forklift driver had checked the right and left sides of his forklift for persons nearby prior to reversing. However, as his view of the left side was obstructed by a column, he was unable to see if there was anyone behind the column. As a result of his obscured view, the forklift driver reversed into Chua. Investigations also revealed that THT Logistics had failed to perform adequate risk assessment, and develop and implement any Safe Work Procedures for forklift operators operating within its premises.
  4. Mr Chan Yew Kwong, MOM’s Director of Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate, said, “THT Logistics Pte Ltd, as employer, did not carry out proper risk assessment and failed to implement adequate control measures for the safe operation of forklifts at its workplace. Clearly demarcated pathways for workers and designated routes for forklifts were not provided to mitigate the risk of being hit by moving forklifts. As vehicular related accidents remain the top cause of fatalities this year, MOM will continue to inspect vehicular operations at workplaces. At the same time, the WSH Council will step up outreach to the logistics and transport sector through the “Managing Onsite Vehicular Safety” (MOVeS) programme.”