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Five employers face charges for failing to pay salaries

  1. Three employers were charged today in the State Courts, for failing to pay salaries to their employees. Two other employers failed to turn up in the State Courts for similar offences and the cases have been adjourned. Goodmate Global Pte Ltd faces the most number of charges, with 17 charges brought against the company for salary offences. 
  2. In addition, a prosecution case involving a director (Mr Ching Hwa Ming, 秦华明) of two companies (J S Environment Enterprise Pte Ltd and Nam Hong Engineering Pte Ltd) will be before the State Courts later this week for 30 charges of non-payment of salaries. [Details of the offences are at Annex.]
  3. Employers who fail to pay salaries to their employees can be fined up to $15,000 and/or imprisoned up to six months. The penalty can be doubled for repeat offenders.
  4. Mr Raymond Tan Choon Guan, Director of Employment Standards Enforcement, (陈俊源, 人力部雇佣标准执法处处长) says, “Employers must pay salaries on time. As in these cases, MOM will take stern action against errant employers for salary non-payment, including prosecuting those who have wilfully refused to comply with Labour Court orders or those who owed large amount of salaries to workers.”
  5. We urge employees who have not been paid their salaries or feel that their salaries have been wrongfully withheld to approach MOM or their unions early for assistance. Doing so early will improve their chances of salary recovery.
  6. Anyone who knows of persons or employers who contravene the Employment Act should inform MOM directly or call the WorkRight hotline at 1800-221 9922 or All information will be kept strictly confidential.