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New conditions for Factory-Converted Dormitories from 1 January 2017

  1. All operators of Factory-Converted Dormitories (FCDs) must meet four new conditions imposed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) when seeking approvals or renewals to use their industrial premises to house foreign workers, from 1 January 2017. This follows MOM’s call earlier this month to FCD operators to raise housing standards and after consultations with industry stakeholders. The new conditions were announced at a FCD Seminar held today.

    Bar for FCDs Raised
  2. FCD is one type of approved housing for foreign workers in Singapore. FCD operators, like other dormitory operators, have a legal obligation to ensure that they provide some 80,000 or so foreign workers with a safe and secure living environment.
  3. From 1 January 2017, FCD operators need to meet four new conditions imposed by MOM, on top of existing ones. The new conditions are:
    1. Provision of feedback channel for workers to report issues related to the housing conditions of the FCD.
    2. Provision of personal locker for each worker.
    3. Provision of at least one sick bay in the FCD. Alternatively, the operator can develop a contingency plan to deal with cases of infectious diseases.
    4. Provision of Wi-Fi within the FCD.
  4. Operators have to submit documentary proof to show they have met all the conditions, before they are allowed to operate the FCDs. They are also required to adhere to these conditions at all times during their operations. MOM will continue to conduct regular inspections and will take enforcement action against operators who fail to meet or adhere to these conditions.

    Seminar a Platform to Share Good Practices
  5. The FCD Seminar attended by some 550 industry operators covered good and bad practices observed during MOM’s inspections at FCDs over the past year. Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck, who oversees foreign manpower management matters, delivered an opening address at the seminar.
  6. Speaking at the seminar today, MOS Teo said, “Foreign workers make important contributions across so many different jobs and capacities in various sectors. It is only right that we ensure they are well taken care of while they work here. We have made improvements on the foreign worker housing front. Dormitory operators have an important role to play in this. But our journey for higher housing standards should be a continuous process, and we should constantly strive to do better. It is timely now to strengthen the regulatory requirements to further improve the living conditions of the workers in FCDs.

    MOM Awards to Recognise Exemplary Dormitories
  7. At the seminar, MOS Teo also announced that MOM is planning to introduce a dormitory awards initiative. The aim of the awards is to commend exemplary FCDs and Purpose-Built Dormitories, recognising them for going beyond compliance with regulatory standards in looking after the well-being of their foreign workers. More details will be revealed in due course.