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Employer Supported Training 2014

        A record 8 in 10 employers provided structured training in 2014

  1. A record 8 in 10 employers1 provided structured training to their employees in 2014.  Employers generally reported positive impact of training on their organisational and staff performance.  These are the key findings from the biennial Survey on Employer Supported Training, conducted by the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Manpower Research and Statistics Department.

    Main Findings

  2. A record 8 in 10 private establishments provided structured training to at least one employee in 2014, up from 7 in 10 in 2012. This may reflect greater Government support and emphasis in upgrading the skills of the workforce. On average, 56% of employees from these establishments which provided structured training were sent for training.
  3. Employers’ training expenditure was similar to 2012. The average training expenditure incurred by training-providing establishments was $726 per trainee in 2014, compared to $717 per trainee in 2012. When averaged across all employees in these establishments, training expenditure per employee was $410 in 2014, compared to $407 in 2012. After accounting for training grants/subsidies, the training expenditure was $636 per trainee and $360 per employee, similar to 2012 ($641 per trainee and $362 per employee).
  4. Similar to 2012, increased training subsidies and better workload management were the top motivations for employers to send their staff for training.
  5. Employers generally reported positive impact of training on their organisational and staff performance, especially on work efficiency (83%), quality of services (78%), ability to meet changing/future needs (65%), employees’ skills level (92%) and job responsibilities (70%). 

    For More Information

  6. The report is available on the Ministry of Manpower’s website at

1Last high was in 2005 and 2006 with a figure of 72%. 

Last Updated: 27 November 2015