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Two Managers Slapped with Hefty Fine for False Declaration in Foreign Worker Housing Database

First time MOM prosecutes corporate individuals for false declaration in OFWAS

6 March 2012

  1. A General Manager and Site Manager were convicted today for making false declarations in the Online Foreign Worker Address System (OFWAS).
  2. 38-year-old General Manager Lim Jiun Wei (“Lim”) (林俊炜) was sentenced to a fine of $40,000 for falsely declaring the residential addresses of four foreign workers. Likewise, 32-year-old Site Manager Wan Kar Hou Francis (“Wan”) (尹家豪) was sentenced to a fine of $40,000 for intentionally aiding Lim in making these false declarations by providing false residential addresses.
  3. This is the first time the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has prosecuted corporate individuals for false declaration in OFWAS. Both Lim and Wan had committed the offence blatantly, in full knowledge that their workers were actually housed in rubbish bin centres since the beginning of their employment in Singapore.

    Facts of the case
  4. MOM had, in July 2010, inspected several rubbish bin centres, and subsequently found foreign workers living there. Investigations revealed that these workers were housed in the rubbish bin centres and were working for Eng Leng Contractors Pte Ltd (“Eng Leng”).
  5. Lim, who was the General Manager of Eng Leng, was in charge of conservancy operations, including sourcing for accommodation for his foreign workers, and updating OFWAS. He had instructed Wan, the Site Manager of Eng Leng, to source for accommodation for the foreign workers. Wan then housed the foreign workers in the rubbish bin centres and provided the residential addresses of his local supervisors working at Eng Leng, for Lim to update the residential address of the foreign workers in OFWAS.
  6. Both Lim and Wan were aware that the addresses were inaccurate, but Lim went ahead to falsely declare the addresses of his foreign workers, whilst housing them in the rubbish bin centres.
  7. Eng Leng was subsequently fined $10,000 on 6 December 2011 for failure to provide acceptable accommodation for its foreign workers. Now, both Lim and Wan have also been taken to task for the offences committed.

    Employers’ responsibility to update foreign worker housing database
  8. Mr Aw Kum Cheong (区锦章), Divisional Director, Foreign Manpower Management Division, MOM (人力部外劳管理署署长) said, “Every employer must look after the welfare of his employees and ensure acceptable accommodation for his foreign workers. They must also provide timely and accurate information on their residential addresses to the Ministry. Today’s prosecution is a strong signal to all employers of the Ministry’s stand against such malpractices. Employers must therefore caution their staff against making any false declarations to the Ministry, even if it involves just keying in data into a system. We will continue to clamp down and take serious actions against such errant practices.”
  9. Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Pass) Regulations, employers are required to register and update their foreign workers’ residential addresses in the OFWAS within five days after the commencement of the workers’ employment in Singapore, or after each change of the workers’ residential addresses.
  10. Anyone with information on such offences can call the MOM hotline at (65) 6438 5122 or email to provide information. Calls and emails will be kept strictly confidential.


The On-line Foreign Workers' Address System (OFWAS) enables employers to update the addresses of their foreign workers with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The Work Permit conditions require all employers of Work Permit (WP) holders to provide updated residential addresses of their foreign workers within five working days of the commencement of employment and subsequently any change in their addresses. Employers must first register the addresses prior to the collection of the WP cards at the Work Pass Service Centre (WPSC).