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Build Sustainable Work-Life Culture at the Workplace: Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin

12 October 2012

  1. Be a catalyst of change and build a sustainable work-life culture – that is the call by Acting Minister for Manpower Tan Chuan-Jin to Singapore employers at the Work-Life Excellence Award 2012 Gala Dinner this evening. He urged companies to think more about sustainable win-win strategies that would empower employees to flexibly pursue their personal and family goals while also prioritising the organisation’s business needs1.
  2. The biennial Work-Life Excellence Award, organised by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy (TriCom) is now in its fourth year. The Gala Dinner celebrated 45 employers and 2 business leaders for their achievements in championing work-life harmony. They were recognised in three award categories: the Work-Life Excellence Award, the Work-Life Achiever Award (for employers) and the Work-Life Leadership Award (for individual business leaders).
  3. Applauding the achievements of the winners, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower and Education Hawazi Daipi, who is also Chairman of the TriCom, said, “This year, we received many good applications from companies for the Work-Life Excellence Award. Employers are doing more to foster workplace cultures that support work-life harmony through more communication and sharing on work-life strategies, particularly from the management. We also have a good mix of first-time applicants and winners, as well as many repeated winners who have consistently supported work-life harmony over the years and reaped the benefits.”

    No organisation is too small to have a supportive work-life culture
  4. This year’s award-winners ranged from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations to organisations in the public sectors. Award-winners such as aAdvantage Group, a business consultancy firm with fewer than 30 employees, demonstrate that size is no obstacle to fostering a flexible and supportive work-life culture.
  5. This year also saw a number of new Award-winners, such as Avanade Asia and Network Express Courier Services, alongside consistent winners such as IBM Singapore, Microsoft Singapore and Singapore General Hospital. This reflects the growing importance and relevance of work-life harmony to the business landscape in Singapore. The full list of Award-winning employers is attached in Annex A.

    Work-Life Leaders drive work-life strategies in their businesses, embrace work-life harmony in their personal lives
  6. Two individual work-life champions were recognised for their leadership in initiating effective work-life strategies in their professional capacities while embracing work-life harmony in their personal lives. Receiving the Work-Life Leadership Award were Mr Narihiko Uemura, Managing Director of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, and Ms Yeo Miu Ean, President and Founder of Women Empowered for Work and Mothering, a non-profit organisation that supports mothers in achieving work-life success.

1 Please refer to Acting Minister’s speech.

Annex A - Work-Life Excellence Award 2012 Winners (Organisation)