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Work-Life Excellence Award 2008 Recognises Employers with Outstanding Work-Life Strategies at the Workplace

New category honours individual leadership in championing Work-Life initiatives

The Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy is accepting entries for the 2008 Work-Life Excellence Award (WLE), which recognises employers with outstanding Work-Life strategies. For the first time, a new Work-Life Leadership Award has also been introduced to honour individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the promotion of Work-Life Harmony in Singapore.

2. Mr Hawazi Daipi, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Manpower and Chairperson of the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy said: “The Work-Life Excellence Award winners in 2006 show there are enlightened business leaders who understand the importance of Work-Life strategies in boosting corporate performance and employee engagement. The Award differentiates them from their peers. In this tight labour market, the recognition will serve them well in attracting and retaining good employees. This year, besides encouraging more MNCs and SMEs to apply for the Work-Life Excellence Award, the Committee also hopes to recognise individuals who have made exceptional contributions in advancing Work-Life Harmony through the Work-Life Leadership Award.”

3. Ms Liu Fang Joo, Senior Vice President, HR & Corporate Communications of NatSteel Asia, a Work-Life Excellence Award winner last year, said: "2007 has been a good year for NatSteel Asia (NSA). Our success in the industry has been built on the back of our team of talented, committed employees. Besides ensuring that our employees are suitably remunerated, we implemented a strong suite of Work-Life strategies that our employees can benefit from. Participating in and winning the Work-Life Excellence Award in 2006 was important for NSA; we wanted to benchmark ourselves with the best, and ensure that our Work-Life strategies continue to stay relevant. We are looking forward to applying for the award again this year."

4. Award winners will be revealed in July 2008. The biennial award is organised and conferred by the Committee as part of its ongoing efforts to promote Work-Life Harmony. The Committee comprises representatives from employers, employees and Government bodies. (Refer to Annex A for details on the TriCom and WLE Award).

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