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Singaporean Delegates Attend The 97th Session of the International Labour Conference, 9 – 11 June 2008, Geneva, Switzerland

Mr Gan Kim Yong, Acting Minister for Manpower, is leading a tripartite delegation to attend the 97th Session of the International Labour Conference from 9 to 11 June 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.  The delegation comprises Mr John de Payva, President, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC); Mr Lim Swee Say, Secretary-General, NTUC; Mdm Halimah Yacob, Deputy Secretary-General, NTUC; Mr Stephen Lee, Chairman, Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and President, Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF); Mr Koh Juan Kiat, Executive Director, SNEF; and officials from the Ministry of Manpower.

2.   At this year's Conference, Singapore has been elected as Titular Member to the ILO Governing Body for the ASEAN region for a period of three years from 2008 to 2011. As a Titular Member, Singapore will represent the interests of ASEAN on various labour issues in the ILO. The topics to be discussed at the Conference include skills for improved productivity, employment growth and development as well as strengthening the International Labour Organization's (ILO) capacity to assist Member States to achieve decent work.

3.   Mr Gan will address the Conference on 10 June 2008. He will speak on Singapore's efforts to improve the skills and training of our workforce through the 10-year Continuing Education and Training (CET) Masterplan. He will also share our initiatives to enhance the well-being of workers through re-employment and CPF LIFE which will provide a lifelong income for our workers in their retirement. As a newly elected Titular Member, Mr Gan will share with delegates of the Conference, the achievements ASEAN has made over the years in the field of labour and human resources.

4.   Additionally, Mr Gan will hold bilateral meetings with his counterparts from other countries.