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Organisational Leaders Recognised for Work-Life Leadership in Work-Life Excellence Award 2008

Cherie Hearts Co-Founder and Permanent Secretary of Public Service Division receive top honours together with 60 winning organisations.

For the first time, the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy (TriCom) will honour individuals who have demonstrated commitment and made significant contribution to developing and implementing innovative Work-Life solutions in their own workplaces. The inaugural Work-Life Leadership Award this year goes to Mr Gurchran Jit Singh, Group President and Co-founder of Cherie Hearts, a group of childcare centres in the region; and Ms Lim Soo Hoon, Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Division (PSD), Prime Minister's Office.

2. Said Mr Singh: "Our Work-Life initiative is a key factor contributing to our success as one of the largest childcare operators in Singapore. Our turnover rate has remained below 1% over the past 2 years, and employee satisfaction levels remain in the high 90s. Indeed, happy employees make a successful organisation, and that is why Cherie Hearts considers people its greatest asset."

3. Ms Lim believes it is the organisation's responsibility to create an environment conducive for employees to enjoy Work-Life Harmony as this can improve employee engagement and organisational productivity. Ms Lim adds, "Most people want to contribute to the organisation, while at the same time, meet personal commitments. Organisations can help employees by providing flexible work arrangements, so that employees can fulfill both their work and personal responsibilities."

4. The TriCom will also honour 60 organisations at the Work-Life Excellence Award 2008 this evening. The biennial award pays tribute to employers for their successful implementation of Work-Life strategies in Singapore workplaces. This year, a total of 20 companies were named winners of the Work-Life Excellence Award, while 40 companies received the Work-Life Achiever Award (see Annex A for the full list of winners). These award winners were evaluated based on criteria such as depth of implementation, employee engagement, effectiveness of initiatives and leaders' commitment. Among them, eight were small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), reflecting an increasing interest among SMEs to reap the benefits of Work-Life practices that their larger counterparts have enjoyed.

5. Said Mr Gan Kim Yong, Acting Minister for Manpower, who officiated as Guest-of-Honour at the by-invitation only gala event: “A sound Work-Life strategy enables employers to not only attract and retain the right talent for the job, but also benefit from a more positive relationship with the employees. For employees, good Work-Life practices allow them to manage their work responsibilities alongside personal and family commitments. At the national-level, Work-Life Harmony is also important for Singapore, not only to promote marriage and parenthood. Workers who are satisfied with their Work-Life balance are likely to be happier social citizens, parents, and care givers. Facilitating Work-Life Harmony is possible, regardless of the size of the company, or the varied working conditions and challenges faced by the different industries."

6. For more information on the Work-Life Excellence Award, please visit


The Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy was set up in September 2000 to drive the promotion of Work-Life Harmony in Singapore. The committee drives and facilitates the implementation of Work-Life strategies in all industry sectors. It organises national-level programmes and activities to increase the practice of Work-Life Harmony in establishments. The committee also reviews the progress of the national Work-Life Strategy and its implementation in Singapore, and monitors developments overseas to aid in its deliberations.

From the five original members (Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore Workforce Development Agency, Singapore National Employers Federation and National Trades Union Congress), the Committee today comprises more than 10 member organisations from the government, unions, employer, employee and business association representatives.


The Work-Life Excellence Award (WLE Award) is a biennial award organised and conferred by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy, as part of the effort to promote Work-Life Harmony. Formerly known as the Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award and Family Friendly Firm, the Award was renamed to better reflect the wide rage of Work-Life practices that employers would implement. The new assessment criteria for the Award go beyond programmes and policies, to focus now on workplace culture, as well as outcomes and achievements that organisations with excellent Work-Life strategies could attain.

WLE Award is open to all organisations and celebrates organisations with leading Work-Life strategies and practices.

The Categories for Work-Life Excellence Awards are

  • Work-Life Excellence Award (Open to all)
  • Work-Life Achiever Award (Large Company; SME* Category)
  • Work-Life Leadership Award (Individual award)

* SME refers to Small and Medium organisations with 200 employees and below, excluding manufacturing sectors.

Judging Process

In Phase 1, organisations are short-listed based on the information submitted in the application form. The organisations are assessed based on the outcomes for the employer and the employees, rather than on the variety and number of Work-Life programmes. Short-listed organisations move on to the next phase.

In Phase 2, organisations are asked to provide documents supporting the application. These can include brochures, handbooks or other publicity material on the organisation's Work-Life strategy and programmes; copies of communication to employees; records of usage and benefits etc.

In Phase 3, site visits and employee opinion survey are conducted. Winners are then announced at the Work-Life Excellence Award Gala Dinner.

Work-Life Excellence Award Logos

Work-Life Excellence Award

The Work-Life Excellence Award logo embodies an employer's continuous journey to achieve excellence in Work-Life strategy. The dynamic star represents the inspirational company every employer aspires to be, always pushing ahead of competitors and improving but remaining in touch with its business' and employees' needs. The Work-Life Achiever Award is the subsidiary award to the Work-Life Excellence Award.

Work-Life Achiever Award

Award winners may use the logos for a period of 2 years. Companies are not allowed to use the logo upon cessation of the period. They may participate and compete again in the biennial award to attempt to retain their title.

Work-Life Leadership Award

Work-Life Leadership Award

The 'Work-Life Leadership Award' recognises individuals who made exceptional contribution to Work-Life initiatives to create an engaged workforce and ultimately advance Work-Life effectiveness. The application process for the award is via nomination. The nominations are assessed by a panel of judges.