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Factsheet on Step Out for Change Programme


The Step Out For Change Programme is a new induction programme developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA), supported by the Tripartite Workgroup on Enhancing Employment Choices for Women and the Community Development Council (CDCs), to reach out to economically inactive women and encourage them to re-enter the workforce.

The programme is conducted through a series of workshops which aims to help participants overcome their inertia or fear of entering or re-entering the work force, by providing them with a safe environment where they can gain more self-awareness, build their confidence and learn more about employment trends and options.

The Step Out For Change Programme is strategically aligned to WDA's work and focus in workforce development. The programme rides on the Continuing Education and Training (CET) infrastructure that is progressively developed, as well as the current employment facilitation and training referral services offered at the CDCs, so as to help this segment of potential workforce avail themselves of opportunities via our CET infrastructure.

The Step Out For Change Programme further complements the existing Flexi-Works! Scheme, which provides grants to support employers' efforts to recruit the economically inactive back to work through part-time or flexible work arrangements.


The CDCs will use existing communications channels, such as community newsletters, banners, grassroots leaders and advisers as well as community groups, to reach out to women at home and raise awareness on the programme. The target is to put 2,000 women through the workshops over 18 months, with 20% or more moving towards employment.

Workshops will be delivered at community clubs or venues in the heartlands for convenience, and will broadly cover the following topics over five half-day sessions or two and a half-day sessions:-

  • Personal Mastery to inspire and build confidence
  • Personal Effectiveness, e.g. time and stress management, grooming & image management
  • Useful information & resources, e.g. training information, labour market updates, community and social resources

The workshops are available at two levels - either Operational or Supervisory to better engage women from varied educational backgrounds and employment histories.

  • The Operational Module is developed for women who have either worked in or are seeking non-executive positions; and
  • The Supervisory Module is developed for women who have either worked in, or are seeking executive positions.


Women meeting the following criteria are encouraged to sign up for the programme:-

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents;
  • Secondary level and below (must be able to understand simple English) for the Operational Module; OR
  • ‘O' levels and above for the Supervisory Module;
  • Aged 25 years and above; and
  • Have been unemployed for a period of six months or more.


Beyond the workshops, career consultants from the CDC career centres will follow up to advise participants on further training opportunities according to their strengths, interests and skills gaps.

Interested candidates will be screened and enrolled for further training offered by CET Centres which range from generic skills courses on literacy, numeracy or Certified Service Professional training to vocational skills training for entry into growth sectors such as F&B, MICE and Retail.

The CET Centres and CDC Career Centres will also follow up closely with the trainees to refer them to their networks of hiring employers for job placements.


The workshops will be fully funded for confirmed participants who complete the course. Those who do not achieve the full course attendance will pay the full course fees.

Interested applicants can call the hotline number at (65)6883 5885 for more information, pre-screening and registration. The respective CDC career centre will then follow up with confirmation of programme registration and further details of workshop venues will be provided.

Upon successful completion, women who express an interest in training or employment will be contacted by their respective career centres for a registration interview with a career consultant.