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Expressway for Skilled Workers to Obtain National Qualifications

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) now offers a new composite skills assessment under the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) system to help experienced and competent workers gain a recognised national credential of their current skills set.

2.   The composite assessment scheme is a collaboration between WDA and the industry. It is an extension of the WSQ Assessment-Only-Pathway (AOP) route, which takes workers' prior work experience into account in certifying their skill levels. Under the AOP route, workers have to complete a skill test covering each WSQ module. This typically can take up to a week. The composite assessment scheme will speed up the process as workers can undertake several skill level assessments within one to two days.

3.   The composite assessment is now available for the manufacturing sector. Workers involved in precision work (e.g. aerospace, precision engineering, medical technology, marine), or process control (e.g. engineering services), or integrated assembly (e.g. electronics) can now obtain a WSQ Certificate in Generic Manufacturing Skills after undergoing a composite skills assessment comprising five WSQ modules1. As part of tripartite collaboration, WDA is also working closely with the NTUC to assist in the upgrading and placements of workers and jobseekers in the manufacturing sectors via this scheme.

4.   WDA is also developing composite assessments for other sectors, including landscape, retail, food & beverage service and hotel, to be rolled out later in 2008. With more of such assessments, experienced workers will be able to obtain national credentials, without having to undergo training. Employers can apply for funding assistance from the Skills Development Fund (SDF) for Singaporean and Permanent Resident workers who go through the composite assessment.

5.   In addition, WSQ certification will also be recognised by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in assessing work pass eligibility. For instance, foreign workers who obtain a manufacturing composite assessment certificate may upgrade their work permit status from unskilled to skilled.

6.   The composite skills assessments will be administered by WDA-appointed assessment centres for each sector. Companies in the manufacturing industry who are interested to send their workers for the composite assessment tests can contact the assessment centre below for more details:


NTUC LearningHub
Tel: (65) 6471 7155

 About Singapore Workforce Development Agency

The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) seeks to enhance the competitiveness and employability of employees and jobseekers, thereby building a workforce that meets the changing needs of Singapore's economy. Working with industry, unions, employers, economic agencies, professional associations and training organisations, the agency's efforts are targeted at supporting industry growth by building a pipeline of workers through training and skills upgrading, and raising industry standards through enhancing manpower capabilities.

About Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) is a national credentialing system that trains, develops, assesses and recognises adult workers for competencies they need to stay employable. Based on standards developed by WDA and various industries, WSQ ensures workers acquire skills needed by employers at the workplace. With clear progression pathways, workers can also use WSQ to upgrade their skills and plan their careers. As training and assessment are competency-based, not academic-based, workers have to demonstrate the right competencies before they are certified. Experienced workers however, can receive WSQ certification without training. WSQ is accessible to all workers, as its entry criteria are skills and knowledge, not formal qualifications. The quality of WSQ is assured by WDA, from the development of competency standards, accreditation of training providers to the award of its qualifications.


1The five modules under composite assessment for manufacturing sector include Apply Quality Systems, Apply 5S Techniques in Manufacturing, Apply Teamwork in the Workplace, Use Hand Tools, and Operate Basic Measurement Devices.