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Employment Dispute Involving Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Company Workers Amicably Settled

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has successfully conciliated the employment dispute involving 186 workers from Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Company.

2.   On 2 October 2008, 186 foreign workers approached MOM for assistance over an employment grievance against their employer who had proposed a salary reduction.

3.   MOM held a conciliation meeting with management representatives from Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Company. On the proposed monthly salary reduction from $1,700 to $1,200, the company explained that they had attempted to link the workers' performance to their salaries. Upon the Ministry's advice, the company agreed to continue to pay the workers their monthly salary of $1,700 as this is set out in their employment contracts, and separate the performance issue from the contracted salary.

4.   The Ministry has also met up with the workers to update them on the outcome of MOM's discussion with their employer. The workers were satisfied with the outcome and had already resumed work with the company.