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Revised Training and Certification Requirements for Workers in Construction, Ship-building and Ship-repairing Industries

With effect from 1 July 2007, the training and certification requirements for workers in the construction, ship-building and ship-repairing industries will be revised. These changes were proposed by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Advisory Committee and accepted by MOM. They are in line with Singapore's strategic WSH roadmap, i.e. WSH 2015, to enhance the ability of workers to manage safety and health issues.

New foreign workers to be equipped with basic knowledge early

2.   New foreign workers in these sectors will be required to attend the Construction Safety Orientation Course (CSOC) or the Shipyard Safety Induction Course (SSIC) within two weeks of their arrival in Singapore. This is in addition to the current requirement to pass the test within three months of their arrival. Apart from basic WSH knowledge, workers will also be educated and tested on their knowledge about their rights and responsibilities under Singapore's employment laws.

Mandatory training only for first-time certification and workers who fail re-certification assessment

3.   Training is only mandatory for first-time certification. In line with the outcome-based approach of WSH 2015, existing workers can be re-certified by passing a test, without having to attend the relevant course again. The removal of mandatory training for re-certification allows employers to take ownership in deciding the type and frequency of training their workers require. Employers are expected to provide the necessary training to ensure that their workers are able to work safely. Workers who fail the test, however, will be required to attend the course and pass a re-test.

Reduced re-certification frequency for experienced workers

4. In recognition of the fact that experienced workers are generally better equipped with safety knowledge and competencies, those with six or more years of working experience will only need to be re-certified every four years.  Less experienced workers will be required to be re-certified every two years.

5.   The details of the changes are in Annex A. For more information, employers and employment agencies may visit the the MOM website, or call the MOM Contact Centre at (65) 6438 5122.